About Us

Service Schedule

Sunday     1:00 pm

Tuesday Bible Study    7:00 pm

Friday  Ladies Bible Study     7:00 pm

What Do We Teach?

The infallible Word of God, the Bible.  We use both the Old and New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives.  We put those teachings into practice in our daily lives.

What Are Our Core Values?

Jesus Christ is our example; our values follow His example.  We commit to living a holy life and to a lifestyle of personal Bible study, prayer, and fasting.  We commit to helping the people Jesus sends to us.  God leads us and controls everything, all to further His Kingdom and for His glory.

Our Pastor

Pastor Jerry Martinez was born in New Jersey and moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 8. At 18, he moved back to New Jersey and soon found himself involved in the drug world and continued on in Philadelphia where he was arrested around the age of 28. In prison, Pastor Jerry went to a church service and had an encounter with God that radically changed his life. God gave Pastor Jerry a glimpse into the supernatural that caused him to study the Bible and hunger for more of the supernatural things of God. He spent his years in prison studying and being prepared; he came to understand the supernatural in a way few people do. He left prison knowing that God called him to serve Jesus and he had a passion to help people. In 2001, Pastor Jerry began serving on one of the CORE teams for Pastor Larson in Connecticut. He came to Tampa in 2005 and served in Lakeland, then for four years, he was a Pastor for a Spanish church in Largo. In 2013, Pastor Jerry started his own Church in New Port Richey.  God is in control of everything. Pastor Jerry knew the focus of his church was to be on the supernatural, inner healing, physical healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare.

Pastor Jerry has a vision to teach and to train leaders and Pastors in the supernatural, healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare to see the body of Christ set free for God’s glory and to advance God’s Kingdom in these latter days. Pastor Jerry also has a passion to see the youth experience the power of God as opposed to the powers of darkness that they are attracted to. Pastor Jerry wants people of all ages to have a relationship with Jesus and to not only know of God’s power, but to experience His power as the early church did.  

Pastor Jerry married his wife, Alma, in 1997 in Connecticut. They have two sons and one daughter and currently reside in New Port Richey, along with one dog and three parakeets.